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GPS Issues

Q. Combining separately recorded EM and GPS data in DAT software (Combine EM and GPS Files option) is problematic. What is the problem, and what can be done?


The most common source of problems in combining separately recorded EM and GPS files is the use of a TAB as a column delimiter in the GPS ASCII file. COMMA and SPACE are the only acceptable column delimiters for this routine; when exporting GPS positions to ASCII file, selection of an acceptable setting in the GPS software will address any associated issues. You may also convert TAB to SPACE in existing GPS file by using utility program TTS (TabToSpace) which you can download from our Downloads page.

Alternatively, a problem may occur from incorrect synchronization of the internal clocks of the Polycorder and GPS receiver. Examine the time stamp data in both files.

Q. Does DAT software support the use of GPS elevation data?


No – the data file format for DAT software and associated programs does not support the use of GPS elevation data.

The software program R-Elevation, however, retrieves embedded elevation data from GPS records in raw binary data files recorded with the DAS70 Data Acquisition System, for all supported Geonics instruments. The program creates XYZ files (co-ordinates, and elevation) and supports user-specified correction of GPS antenna height. R-Elevation is a free utility program available from Geomar Software (see ) at


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