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Serial Interface (Instrument-to-Computer)

Each document listed below contains information regarding the RS-232 serial interface for a specific instrument. Computational factors and parameters required for conversion of raw instrument data to recognized units of the measured phase component are also included.

Please recognize that serial interface information is applicable only to instruments that produce a digital output signal. The following instruments are manufactured to produce a digital output signal: EM31-MK2; EM38-DD; all models of the EM61(-MK2) Metal Detector. Any other instrument must have the real-time (RT) modification – for analogue-to-digital conversion of the output signal – for the serial interface information to be applicable; evidence of RT modification includes the addition of the RT module to the instrument / receiver electronics, and the addition of “RT” to the instrument serial number.

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EM31-MK2 Computer Interface
EM34-3 Computer Interface
EM38-MK2 Computer Interface
EM38 Computer Interface
EM38B Computer Interface
EM38DD Computer Interface
EM61-MK2 Computer Interface
EM61 Computer Interface
EM63 Formats & Computer Interface

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