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Instrument Rentals

All instrumentation manufactured by Geonics is available on a rental basis.

Instrument rentals are available from a large inventory of equipment that is regularly maintained by our service department. All equipment is fully serviced and calibrated after every rental, returning to the inventory with all available hardware and software upgrades, ensuring performance to the same specifications as the equivalent production model.

For customers less familiar or otherwise “out-of-touch” with the equipment, product training is available to provide the required level of understanding. Further, all equipment rentals are supported with the same commitment to professional customer service as is provided with any purchase, providing a timely response to all enquiries.

A generous rental credit program is available to assist with any decision to purchase equipment either during, or immediately following the rental period. Should a decision be made to purchase equipment at any time during the rental period, or within thirty days immediately following the rental period, either of the following credits could be applied against the purchase price:

  • 80% of all paid rental charges associated with the current rental; or
  • 50% of all paid rental charges within the immediately preceding 6 months

Please note that the above rental credits can only be applied against the purchase of the same model of equipment as rented; credits, however, can be applied against the purchase of equipment in either new or used condition (see Instrument Sales).

For further information, please contact our sales department.

EM61-MK2 Metal Detector with new handle

EM31-SH Operation

EM61-MK2-HH Metal Detector


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