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Metal Detectors

Geonics Metal Detectors are high power, high sensitivity metal detectors suitable for applications in the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Insensitive to common sources of both geologic and cultural noise, Metal Detectors can be operated without compromise to data quality in most survey environments.

Common applications, in several fields of geophysical practice, include the detection of environmental hazards (e.g. drums, underground storage tanks (USTs)); utilities and infrastructure; construction and industrial waste; and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

EM61-MK2A: recognized as a standard sensor technology within the environmental and military communities, the EM61-MK2A provides a maximum depth of detection of 5.5 m, depending on target characteristics.

EM61S: providing the same detection capabilities as the standard EM61-MK2, the EM61S has been modified to operate in the marine environment specifically, either on, or below the surface of water.

EM61HH-MK2A: relative to the standard EM61-MK2, the EM61HH-MK2 (Hand-Held) provides increased sensitivity to smaller targets at shallow depths and better rejection of cultural noise, with a maximum depth of detection of ?? m, depending on target characteristics.

EM63-3D-MK2: advancing the state-of-the-art in instrumentation for the discrimination and classification of unexploded ordnance, the EM63 provides measurement of the full transient decay associated with any metallic target.

Data collection and processing associated with any Metal Detector is supported by an integrated data acquisition system that provides for the simultaneous recording of both EM and GPS data; the DAS70-ML Data Acquisition System is an available option that supports multiple unit configurations, specifically.


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