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Time Domain Systems

The modular design of the PROTEM Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) Systems – a single receiver with multiple, interchangeable transmitters and receiver coils – provides the flexibility required to accommodate a broad range of applications, from near-surface environmental and engineering studies, to three-component resource exploration at depths of 1000 m or more.

PROTEM Receiver: the base component of any PROTEM system, the PROTEM Receiver provides superior data quality and reliable operation

TEM47 Transmitter: small and portable, the battery-powered TEM47 is appropriate for near-surface applications within a depth range of 5-150 metres

TEM57-MK2 Transmitter: ideal for mid-range sounding or profiling applications, the TEM57-MK2 provides measurement within the range of 200-500 m depth

TEM67 Transmitter: providing maximum depth of exploration, the TEM67 is suitable for applications to depths of 1000 m or more

PROTEM CM System: consolidating the PROTEM receiver and TEM47 transmitter components into a single console

G-TEM System: with the objective to reduce cost while both maintaining the core performance characteristics of the more advanced PROTEM systems and adding several new performance-enhancing features, the new G-TEM system represents exceptional value in time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) instrumentation

SURFACE SENSORS: six induction coils as well as a three component fluxgate magnetometer sensor are available

EM42 Transmitter: available by special order only, the EM42 is capable of exploration to depths on the order of 3000 meters; additional information available by request

All system configurations are available with options for either sequential or simultaneous three-component (xyz) data collection.

Data collection and processing associated with any PROTEM system is supported by an integrated data acquisition system. Included processing software (see Software – GSPX7) facilitates data review, editing, profile presentation and modeling functions associated with discreet targets; software for forward and inverse modeling of sounding data is available through commercial third parties (see ).

TDEM Receiver Coil

TDEM Field Operation

TEM47 Receiver

TEM47 Operation

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