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GSPX7 software is a package of programs for reading, editing, reducing and modeling transient electromagnetic responses collected with any PROTEM, EM37, EM42 or BH43 Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) system.

Included programs facilitate the transfer of data from the receiver / acquisition system to a personal computer. After transfer, programs are available to review, edit, model and output multi-gate line profile plots, decay plots, printed data sets and / or reduced data files. Several forms of data reduction and transformation are available.

GSPX7 programs include:

PROTEM: to communicate with the receiver / acquisition system for data transfer. (With an analogue receiver, specifically, or EM37 acquisition system, PROTEM will also reset programs and data files.)

DATEM: to review and edit the transferred data, to plot selected data, and to generate new files of edited and selected data

MOTEM: to compare field measurements with theoretical responses associated with either simplified geological models and / or discrete conductors. Theoretical response models include: a uniformly conducting earth (homogeneous half-space); an infinite, thin, horizontal conductive layer; and, thin rectangular plates (approximated by filament loops). Fixed transmitter, moving transmitter and borehole survey geometries are supported.

RECTAN: to compare measured transient decays with forward models associated with a horizontally layered earth

Output (.TEM) files are immediately compatible with many third party software programs associated with the inversion / modeling and mapping of TDEM data.

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